item D30 Tubular Framing Profiles

aluminum-tube-profile-1RT is an expert integrator for item tubular framing profiles. With dozens of fasteners and connections, the possibilities are limitless. item D30 Tubular Framing Profiles are lightweight and ideal for any lean production environment. 

The D30 tube system is part of the item LP Building Kit System, which was developed with lean production requirements in mind. The system allows workers to quickly and easily adjust production line structures without sacrificing quality. The D30 system is designed for assembly and adjustment so simple that one person can take on the job, saving time and money. These types of features fit seamlessly with RT Engineering Corporation’s experience and expertise and are a welcome addition to our product line.

Get Fast Assembly with a Lean, Ergonomic Design

Created to put continuous improvement processes into action, this lean production system uses materials made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum. The material and design delivers high load-carrying capacity, while still being incredibly versatile and easily augmented to serve new processes and purposes. Each piece is easily machinable on site and can be cut to fit new applications. In order to ensure simplicity in assembly, cut-off tolerances and angular errors are compensated by the fastening elements.

An abundance of features and accessories further adds to the value offering of the D30 Tube System. These include colored tubes to mark areas, parts and qualities, extra heavy-duty tubes for applications with tough requirements, and tubing made from renewable plastic and wood content that is easily processed and able to be electrically non-conductive while still allowing electromagnetic waves to pass through.

RT Engineering Corporation can cut and deliver tubular framing equipment or build assemblies according to your specifications. For more information on item products and the right solution for you, contact RT Engineering today.

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