Capture-3The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving to suit the demands of modern applications. Many challenges faced by industry professionals can be overcome by adapting new technologies and practices into their organizations. Modernization helps manufacturer thrive—even in the most competitive global markets. When your company is ready to take this critical step, RT Engineering will be here.

RT Engineering is an industry leading supplier and manufacturer of control and automation solutions. When we were founded in 1972, our goal was to support various businesses with our extensive knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering. Over 40 years later, this goal remains, and we have grown significantly in terms of our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our custom solutions are suited for the demands of any industry; recently, the Massachusetts-based Bio-Techne reached out to RT for one such solution.

The Company: Bio-Techne

bio-techne-imageBio-Techne, formerly known as Bionostics, is a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of turnkey calibrators and quality control products for OEMs.

Founded in 1981, Bio-Techne specializes in products for point-of-care and diabetes diagnostics test systems, which are used by various healthcare providers. Medical applications are highly critical, and this company works tirelessly to ensure their products meet the most stringent industry standards.  

The Problem

Bio-Techne has several production lines that operate between 12 to 14 hours each day. Their facility has three interconnected machines that comprise the tested production line; the individual machines are constantly in a faulted condition, but Bio-Techne was not aware of the duration of each machine’s condition.

To better meet their productivity goals, the company was interested in measuring the following manufacturing characteristics: scrap rate, machine uptime, and total faulted time. Bio-Techne already had a very low scrap rate, but it wasn’t being tracked properly. Also, they estimated that the total machine uptime was over 60%, but this statistic was difficult to measure with their current software.

With a total of eight production lines in their facility, Bio-Techne needed a solution that could collect and analyze critical OEE Metrics information; the solution required flexibility, expansion, redundancy, and real time reporting capabilities.

The Solution

For Bio-Techne, RT’s technicians recommended a pilot metrics program. This program included a data concentrator, which would integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing programmable logic controller (PLC) for OEE data collection. 

RT Engineering used Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk® Metrics, one of our Performance Monitoring Solutions, to improve Bio-Techne’s production data collectiondata that included machine uptime, total part count, good and scrap part count, machine faulted time, and faulted reason codes.

FactoryTalk® Metrics is a module designed specifically to monitor machine performance and assess machine performance over time. 

The Result

We worked closely with Bio-Techne throughout the entire implementation process, ensuring that it would result in minimal impact to production with the lowest machine downtime. The system was shut down that lasted only 30 minutes; when production resumed, the system began collecting data immediately.

With the implementation of FactoryTalk® Metrics, Bio-Techne was able to easily discover the performance of their expansive production line. With the ability to accurately document their products, the customer uncovered a deficiency in their shipping department—they realized that many production orders were not sent out as complete boxes.

The project was a complete success, and soon after it was completed Bio-Techne placed an order for RT Engineering to implement a fully scaled system to support other production areas of their facility.

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