Performance Monitoring at Bio-Techne

Posted by RT Engineering on January 26, 2016

Finding Deficiencies and Improving Production

bio-techne-image.pngManufacturing is a competitive craft in the global marketplace. Services such as performance monitoring can support operations and increase productivity as production demands ebb and flow, helping companies to thrive and grow in an already rigorous market.

Bio-Techne, formerly Bionostics, serves the global community through the design and manufacture of turnkey calibrators and quality control products for OEMs. Their specialty, point-of-care, and diabetes diagnostics test systems are critical to healthcare providers.

The healthcare industry demands compliance with stringent standards. In order to ensure products meet those demands, production processes must be carefully monitored.

The Problem

Bio-Techne works tirelessly to deliver the best service possible, with production lines running between 12 and 14 hours daily. The individual machines in their tested production line, however, were commonly in a faulted condition. The company could not monitor them effectively; consequently, the duration of each machine’s faulted condition wasn’t being captured. Additionally, neither scrap rate nor total machine uptime was being monitored effectively.

In the case of Bio-Techne, the three interconnected machines comprising the tested production line at their facility weren’t being tracked or monitored to find optimal performance. With eight production lines, the lack of essential information and analysis began to actively hurt efficiency and subsequent company success.

The RT Engineering Solution

Bio-Techne needed a system with flexibility, expandability, redundancy, and real time reporting capabilities that could collect and analyze the critical metrics from all eight production lines simultaneously.

The RT Engineering team used Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk Metrics, a performance monitoring solution that uses a specially designed module, which is crafted to monitor and assess machine performance over time.

The program included a date concentrator designed to be integrated into the company’s existing programmable logic controller. The new system collected data on machine uptime, total part count, good and scrap part count, machine faulted time, and faulted reason codes. This allowed the company to put their existing sensors to use with a new solution that was accurately collecting much needed data and doing so in real time.


During a system shutdown of just 30 minutes, Bio-Techne’s systems were updated with FactoryTalk Metrics’ innovative software, which allowed the company to immediately start collecting the data they were previously missing. The system quickly revealed performance details in the shipping department, allowing the team to correct production orders that were being sent out incomplete.

Soon after the immense success experienced with Rockwell Software, Bio-Techne implemented a fully-scaled system to support other production areas of their facility.

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