RT SmartFactory Optimizes Performance for Denison Pharmaceuticals

Posted by RT Engineering on February 17, 2016

Denison Pharmaceuticals is a contract manufacturer that works primarily with companies developing over-the-counter drugs, veterinary products, and cosmetics. Denison-Logo.pngThe manufacturer’s capability specialties include liquids, creams, ointments, gels, and suspensions.

As a contract manufacturer operating under tight margins, Denison needed to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal loss. Denison called upon RT Engineering to identify the root cause of production losses and to determine whether certain jobs met machine time and labor targets.

The Solution

RT Engineering recommended its latest performance monitoring solution, Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise (PNE). Shoplogix PNE uses embedded sensors on the manufacturing equipment to automatically collect production data for facility operators. The sensors record and present metrics for operators to identify and implement process improvements to maximize production.

PNE delivers on three major value propositions:

    • Machine truth – Shoplogix PNE sensors can be embedded onto any machinery to automatically capture data that would otherwise go unnoticed, thus eliminating human error.

    • Visualizing success – After analyzing this data, Shoplogix PNE presents detailed reports that can be streamed onto any computer, tablet, or phone screen on the network.

  • Employee engagement – When facility operators and employees can see the production metrics in real-time, they are engaged and motivated to exceed company goals.

To minimize plant disruption, RT Engineering decided to implement Shoplogix PNE technology in two phases. First, they embedded software sensors onto nine Denison filling lines and four tube work centers to automatically capture data on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Next, RT Engineering implemented labor tracking to gain visibility into the performance of jobs and machines. They also digitally integrated Denison work orders into the Shoplogix PNE system, eliminating any manual barcoding.

The Result

With Shoplogix PNE technology, Denison Pharmaceuticals gained clearer insight into plant efficiency and production. Denison can now more accurately assess customer orders, analyze profits and losses, competitively price products, and determine where to cut or increase costs.

Additionally, real-time feedback of the production data empowers facility operators to implement process improvements and eliminate inefficiencies for Denison down the line.

You can read our full case study featuring Denison Pharmaceuticals here.

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