Solving Manufacturing Growth Issues with Automation

Posted by RT Engineering on January 13, 2015

mfg-growth-checklist-blog-photoIf you were a manufacturer that experienced growth last year, it’s important to consider how best to expand your business in 2015. 

While hiring new employees and renovating workspaces are helpful practices to achieve further development, neither will move your company forward as quickly as automation.

At RT Engineering, we provide custom automation solutions for any manufacturing applications, and our team will support you from design to production. With the use of automation, you can increase productivity, lower overall costs, and most importantly, consistently meet the needs of your customers.

RT Engineering has offered automation solutions for over 40 years. During that time, companies have asked about the right time to invest in this technology for their facility. Due to this, RT’s expert team has complied a checklist to help companies decide if automation can solve any issues that manufacturing growth can create.

Common Growth Issues 

Expansion is good for companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s without burden. There are several common issues produced by manufacturing growth, which include:

  • Increase in Demand: Having more customers is great if your production capabilities can handle the surge in orders. Are your capabilities being stretched to their limits to keep up with demand? If so, are you now considering outsourcing?
  • Missing Delivery Dates: As demand increases, so does your chance for neglecting some of your orders. With several orders in the pipeline, you could easily find yourself apologizing for missing delivery dates—this will tarnish your reputation.
  • Repeatability and Quality Issues: Due to the overwhelming demand, your employees are having difficultly making each product consistent and uniform. Products are often returned because of lack of consistency; as the quality of your products diminishes, so will your customer base.
  • Outdated Equipment: You must have the proper equipment to meet the sudden rise in demand. By providing employees with older equipment, you are running a high risk of machine breakdowns and lower quality products.

These are just some of the issues brought about by manufacturing growth. If these issues sound familiar to you, it’s time to consider automation for your facility.

RT Engineering Can Help

There is a clear domino effect when it comes to fighting against outdated production methods. Stopgap measures will only raise costs and delay, or even prevent long-term success. The ideal strategy for your company is to contact the automation professionals at RT Engineering.

Our experts will analyze your current production process and identify areas that can benefit from automation. This will allow your company to overcome current business challenges and set you up for future success. To schedule an automation consultation with RT Engineering, please contact us anytime.

Remember, periods of growth do not come along everyday, so make sure to take full advantage of them while they last. If you would like to learn more about common growth issues, be sure to obtain our Manufacturing Growth Checklist today.


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