Denison-LogoDenison Pharmaceuticals is a contract manufacturer providing essential production services to companies that develop or market over-the-counter prescriptions, cosmetics, and veterinary products. The company has a strong manufacturing capability in liquids, lotions, creams, gels, ointments and suspensions.

Denison, like other contract manufacturers, must provide a high-quality service while operating on tight margins so they can offer clients competitive prices. To maintain profitability, they must ensure that production lines operate efficiently with minimal losses and maximum productivity.

The Problem

Effective monitoring plays a critical role in maintaining performance levels on the line. The company recognized that it needed greater visibility into the source and cause of production losses. Furthermore, Denison also wanted data that would indicate if a job was meeting labor and machine time targets—key factors that had an impact on contract profitability.

However, Denison’s plant was not highly automated and it did not incorporate a PLC network to collect and communicate production data.

Our Solution

  • Constant Connectivity Gives Real-Time Insight: RT Engineering recommended our innovative ShopLogix Plantnode Enterprise (PNE) performance monitoring software with remote I/O. ShopLogix PNE is a cost-effective solution that provides the production management and engineering teams with constant connectivity to the manufacturing plant.

    The software can connect to any machine and automatically record production data. It aggregates data into simple reports that enable Denison’s engineers to identify problems and take remedial action.

  • Real Machine Data: The team decided to implement the ShopLogix solution in two phases to minimize disruption and evaluate results. In the first phase, the system connected nine filling lines and four tube work centers, capturing one to two part count signals at the filler and the end of the line. Automatic capture provides real machine data and eliminates the risk of manual error. The data is used to evaluate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in terms of availability, performance and scrap.

  • Engaging Operators: A key element of RT Engineering’s solution is operator engagement. An Excel feed creates job or work order barcodes for the production line, allowing operators to provide feedback on production issues by scanning the barcodes or inputting data to a computer or iPad. Visual boards in the plant are configured to provide performance feedback and key metrics at every line or machine. This helps to keep production workers focused on productivity and engaged in their work.

  • Integration Increases Efficiency: In phase two, the RT Engineering team implemented labor tracking to gain better insight into actual labor performance by machine center and job. It also carried out digital integration with the Macola ERP system to enable work orders to be passed directly to ShopLogix PNE, thereby eliminating the need for manual barcoding. This approach also supports efficient scheduling within ShopLogix.

The Result

Real-time feedback from ShopLogix gives the Denison Pharmaceuticals team detailed visibility into all production losses based on real machine data. They are using the data to review customer orders and assess whether they meet profit targets.

This solution will also help the team to eliminate inefficiencies on the line, reduce waste and provide a more accurate basis for costing and competitive pricing. By introducing operator engagement, Denison can help to improve the performance and productivity of its workforce.

To find out how performance monitoring systems could help your business, please contact RT Engineering today to learn how we can improve your company’s manufacturing processes.

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