MB Building Kit System

RT Engineering Corporation is an expert integrator for item extruded aluminum profiles. These profiles provide countless framing and motion control possibilities with a wide assortment of fastening and integration options to meet your production requirements. From simple frames to fully automated production lines, the profiles offer innovative solutions with the ability to meet your exact requirements.

Strong, Lightweight, Slotted Aluminum


The item MB Building Kit System allows for superior flexibility as the parts are able to connect with one another from any position at nearly any angle without machining.

Sections can be added to existing constructions and can be reconfigured and reused at any time, allowing your manufacturing process to evolve and grow its bandwidth.

By providing customers with a solution that can be continually adapted and modified, RT Engineering and item allow customers to continue to refine their best manufacturing practices and achieve the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and quality.

A fast, efficient, uninterrupted flow of goods is a goal that item products were developed to achieve. The MB System’s versatile elements allow for the rapid moving, precise flow of materials. Their stability combined with their ease of use is second to none, and the use of specialized transport and conveyor components offer solutions for both manual and automated transport of inputs and finished goods.

Health, safety and security are paramount in manufacturing settings, a fact not overlooked by the MB Building Kit System. The kit’s modular elements enable you to meet the highest standards of health, security and safety in the workplace by offering tamper-proof fixtures, break proof panels and stable guards.

Extruded Aluminum

Shaping aluminum by moving it through a die is the basic process of extrusion. The size of the press and shape of the die determine the resulting aluminum shape or profile. Temperatures in the process determine finish and hardness, as well as other characteristics of the aluminum. Professionals heat the billets to 800° F or more, add a lubricant, then push it through a die.

RT Engineering has taken this basic process and evolved into a system offering item extruded aluminum profiles with secure fasteners, high-speed connections, movable profiles, high load-carry and many more options.

item-MB-automationRT Engineering Corporation's Depth of Services

In addition to being an expert integrator of item aluminum extrusions, RT Engineering also specializes in designing and engineering automation machines for motion control projects. The following is an example where item structural aluminum is used.

For more information on item products and the right solution for you, contact RT Engineering today.

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