With over 40 years of industrial experience, RT Engineering Corporation has supported professionals in a variety of markets. RT specializes in providing highly efficient solutions that are customized to each individual client. As such, our team has encountered and overcome countless challenges throughout several industries.

Thanks to collaborations with the world’s most gifted designers, engineers, and manufacturers, RT consistently employs the industry’s best practices—this is why notable vendors rely on RT Engineering for many of their application needs.


RT was contacted by a global developer and manufacturer of OEM control products. The goal: to implement a dependable solution to track a particular set of metrics for the company’s critical care, point-of-care, and diabetes diagnostics test systems.

The company ran several production lines that operated 12-14 hours per day, and they sought to measure three manufacturing components: scrap rate, machine uptime, and total faulted time. With their previous software, the company wasn’t equipped with the real time reporting capabilities they needed. To resolve this issue, RT utilized a pilot metrics program to begin collecting data from a single production line.

The pilot program was successful, leading RT to implement Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk Metrics to collect the company’s future production data—additional metrics included total part count, good and scrap part count, and faulted reason codes.


Another of RT’s clients is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer; this company is well-known for providing essential production services to developers and distributors of over-the-counter prescriptions, cosmetic products, and much more. As a contract manufacturer, this company was required to provide the highest-quality service while adhering to strict financial plans.

To offer competitively priced products that wouldn’t adversely affect their bottom line, the company sought help from RT. The goal: to implement effective monitoring solutions to ensure reliable production with minimal losses and enhanced productivity.

RT Engineering recommended and implemented the ShopLogix software: an innovative, cost-effective solution that bridges the gap between the production management and engineering teams and their manufacturing plant. By utilizing ShopLogix, RT was able to ensure constant connectivity throughout the company’s facilities, which helped identify and remedy critical issues.

Metal Manufacturing

Our company also supports diverse metal manufacturers. One such company approached RT looking for a solution to alleviate problems with excessive manual labor. This manufacturer was responsible for producing millions of components—including aluminum downspout brackets and bands—every year, and each component needed to be fitted with a UPC label prior to distribution and sale.

In the past, the company relied on employees to tediously label each individual component by hand, leading them to seek a RT Engineering custom automation solution—a solution to help reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and utilize employees more efficiently. 

RT designed and engineered three separate machines that were able to precisely apply the UPC labels; each machine was fitted with either an item Extruded Aluminum or welded steel frame, along with an on-board Allen Bradley control system. Thanks to RT, these machines helped the company greatly enhance throughput, while leaving behind the smallest footprint possible.

And Many Others

These are just a few examples of RT Engineering’s versatility—we also serve professionals in plastics manufacturing, textiles and apparel, chemical, aerospace and defense, biotechnology, and countless other markets.

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