Line XMS: Integrated Machine Concept

item_line_xmsEnsuring that your processes and personnel are well protected is essential in any manufacturing setting. The item Line XMS integrated machine concept was designed to meet all of the requirements of modular production.

The Line XMS system seamlessly integrates service, process and supply sections in order to offer an easily maintained, modular solution. These components offer a sturdy frame with steady footing and constructional rigidity that can be configured to meet the requirements of your production line machinery.

Combining functionality and design, this modular product is capable of housing machine functions, assemblies, and cable and hose connections. By creating a sealed environment in which to run production, manufacturers can ensure that their processes run smoothly and are free from any outside factors such as dust that may lessen quality.

The system’s departmental nature makes for easy tooling and assembly and the product is compatible with item’s MB Building Kit System. This also means that equipment, air supply, hosing and lighting can be accessed without having to open up the production section, allowing for convenient  maintenance and adjustment. 

Key Features of Line XMS

  • Line-XMS-RT-EngineeringLoad-bearing constructions with compartmentalized functional sections
  • Conduits to house cables and hoses neatly and safely and provide easy access for maintenance and repair

  • Closed outer surfaces and seals to keep production clean, reduce noise levels and protect personnel

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