item Stairway / Platform Systems

indexCreating safe and efficient working spaces is essential in the manufacturing industry. As experts in the field, RT Engineering is ever aware of these issues, and is proud to be an expert integrator for item structural aluminum’s TPS Stairway/Platform System.

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the item TPS Stairway/Platform System features a sophisticated and versatile system comprised of guard-rails, stable platforms and practical stairways.

Assembly complies with all current standards and guidelines set out by Germany’s statutory accident insurance and prevention institutions, and features optimized surfaces and high-quality lightweight and strong aluminum construction principles.

Customizable Stairway Solutions

item_stairway-platform_systemThe item Stairway System is easily assembled and is fully compatible with item’s MB Building Kit System which provides all of the versatility and flexibility that customers expect from item. Reduced material consumption and reusability help to reduce overall cost, while full width, professional platforms and innovative design features lend to the product’s overall benefits.

item's advanced fastening technology:

  • Enables users to quickly and easily assemble stairway systems
  • Eliminates the need for additional welded seams or complex mitre cuts
  • Adaps to suit users' precise requirements without requiring special modules
  • Allows users to customize systems to allow for efficient space planning

PIC_ANW_PRD_SPE_Podest__SALL__AIN__V1Elevated Working Platforms

TPS makes it simple and hassle-free to construct an elevated working platform or joining section between the different flights of a stairway. Using the same basic components and principles, TPS makes it exceptionally simple and straightfoward to assemble the platform you need. Users can build platforms in depths of 240 mm to a maximum depth of 6080 mm, in increments of 80 mm. 

Simple Guard-Rail Systems

Like item's TPS Platform Systems, it is just as simple to implement a guard-rail for your stairway or platform—no special expertise required. The TPS Guard-Rail Systems use just five fasteners for all requirements in order to link stanchions with stairways or platforms, connect to hand-rails, and a provide a secure hold for knee-rails. 

For more information on item products and the right solution for you, contact RT Engineering today.

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