Get 24/7 access to valuable, real-time operation data in order to optimize efficiency and overall profitability.

Performance monitoring software solutions give facility engineers and managers 24/7 access to real-time data on plant operation—the type of data needed to optimize plant floor efficiency and overall profitability.

The software uses inputs from PLC data acquisition hardware, which can be installed on any machine. The installed sensors are connected to the software system via wired or wireless Ethernet connections. Plant operators can access the collected data using the software on any computing device connected to the facility’s network. 

Real-time data visualizations displayed on flat screens throughout the facility help operators stay on task and hit production targets. The software also generates comprehensive reports complete with key operational metrics that can be studied to identify process inefficiencies.

Real-Time performance monitoring software delivers:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Higher accuracy and reduced human errors
  • Better quality outputs with fewer defects
  • Actionable real-time data visualizations and reports

Performance Monitoring Solutions from RT SmartFactory

Performance monitoring solutions from RT SmartFactory provide engineers with constant connectivity to the manufacturing plant. RT SmartFactory solutions allow managers to quickly access real-time data needed to make informed decisionsthe type of decisions that will directly affect plant floor efficiency and profitability.

Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise:  RT SmartFactory's latest performance monitoring innovation is Shoplogix™ Plantnode Enterprise®. This software suite can automatically aggregate production data into comprehensive, simple-to-understand reports and keep employees focused on production goals.  New Call-to-action
Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk: In addition to Plantnode Enterprise, RT SmartFactory’s Performance Monitoring Solutions also include Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk®—a software suite that automatically gathers manufacturing data into clear, customizable dashboards, easily shared across your enterprise.   New Call-to-action

How Your Company Can Benefit

There are several reasons to integrate performance monitoring software into your operations:

  • Automatic manufacturing data collection: The software connects to any machine to record accurate production data – no manual data entry is required.
  • Data visualization and reports: Using machine data, the software creates meaningful visualizations and reports that help assess facility productivity and find opportunities to improve production efficiency. The visualization tools often reveal hidden losses such as micro stops, break creep, and late starts. Reports are available on any computer, smartphone, or tablet device.
  • Real-time feedback: Real-time data can be displayed on flat-screen TVs at the plant level to inform machine operators and to prevent persistent setbacks. Metrics and targets are displayed for parts produced and overall shift performance, along with production machinery diagnostics.

With performance monitoring software, it's possible to achieve a more efficient manufacturing process that reduces wasted time, scrap materials and material defects.

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