Automatically gather manufacturing data into clear, customizable dashboards that can be easily shared across your enterprise.

An important challenge in the manufacturing world is to expand production methods to maximize efficiency without wasting time or resources in monitoring machines at all times. The ultimate solution to these issues is performance monitoring capabilities which allow engineers to view plant progress in real-time and make informed and accurate decisions. 

As part of these solutions, RT Engineering has implemented and provided to our customers FactoryTalk® from Rockwell Automation. The FactoryTalk® suite is a human machine interface (HMI) that benefits both employees on the plant floor as well as supervisors and office personnel.

The software and components are used for both monitoring and controlling, all in an effort to make real-time decisions, optimize production performance and efficiency, and reduce scrap and waste.  It also allows helps to improve machine performance, manage and protect digital manufacturing assets, and enable the quick printing of production reports across the organization. 

FactoryTalk® View Site Edition

The best way to optimize production processes is to first understand which areas are achieving maximum efficiency and which are underperforming. The FactoryTalk® View Site is an HMI for monitoring and controlling which provides an accurate portrait of operations both past and present. 

  • Alarm integration: Easily integrate with alarm protocols
  • Access controls: Define access levels and associated views
  • Revision management: Keep an audit trail of changes
  • Pre-engineered faceplates: Reduce deployment time with faceplate templates
  • Web-browser interface: Offers read-only web access through browsers
  • VMware® ready: Virtual image templates minimize setup and configuration time

FactoryTalk® VantagePoint

VantagePoint is your single source to view data from disparate sources in a unified context that promotes early warning and KPI monitoring. The end result is superior decision making that reduces cost, waste and scrap.

  • Configuration wizard: Step by step selection of data sources you want  to collect information from
  • Quick time-to-value: Integrate with legacy or 3rd party  controllers and historians for real-time data
  • Relevant role-based view: Custom views are tailored to relevant  personal across the enterprise
  • Web-based browsing: View plant-wide performance levels from anywhere,  including mobile devices
  • Drag-and-drop configuring: Easily combine equipment, line, and plant  trends to compare and optimize

FactoryTalk® Historian Site Edition

Historian Site Edition is the best tool available to capture and store high-volume time-series data for detailed analyses. When combined with FactoryTalk® VantagePoint, you have a powerful reporting and analytics tool to make well-informed decisions.

  • Measure against targets: Use FactoryTalk® Historian to reduce variability and stay within goals
  • Eliminate manual collection: Reduce overhead by automating data collection and reporting
  • Improve maintenance scheduling: Know what to maintain and when for maximize uptime
  • Archive for compliance: Maintain detailed data on process and production variations for regulatory mandates

FactoryTalk® Metrics

FactoryTalk® Metrics is a module designed to monitor machine  performance and answer not only how a machine is performing over time but why, enabling detection of downtime root-cause. More than 15 KPIs, including OEE, can be tracked and analyzed to help increase production, reduce costs and increase quality.

  • Built-in reports: Track the event, state and performance and various parameters such as part, operator, batch, time, shift and more
  • Flexible compatibility: Integrate with any control system PLCs and HMIs that use OPC standards
  • Reliable collection: Twenty-four hour, automated data collection from the control system
  • Web access: View all reports via web browser from anywhere

FactoryTalk® AssetCentre

FactoryTalk® AssetCentre is a secure document repository and change management system designed to keep an audit trail of user changes and retention of master copies for disaster recovery.

  • Regulatory compliance: Keep a documented audit trail of who made what changes and when for modifications made to device programs
  • Document version control: Manage check-in and check-out of all electronic documents throughout your facility
  • Hierarchy controls: Restrict user access and rights based on role
  • Reduce MTTR: Quickly locate and apply master versions in the event of a failure or loss
  • Broad file format support: Apply source control to any file type including CAD and Microsoft files

FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix

FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix is an energy management tool that provides web access to critical energy information from anywhere. Track, analyze, store and share energy data across the enterprise to understand usage and costs, and optimize consumption.

  • Flexible connectivity: Connect to a myriad of devices, EEMs and PLCs via popular networking protocols
  • All your meters: Easily configure to view electric, air, water, gas, steam and other sources from a web browser
  • Load profile analyses: View trend and historical data for cost allocation, billing, forecasting and rate comparison
  • Power  quality analyses: Display harmonics, plot transients, surges, and sags on CBEMA Curves
  • Set alert notifications: Create alarms for any parameter being tracked and receive immediate notifications via  email or text message

FactoryTalk® Transaction Manager

FactoryTalk® Transaction Manager is a network communication tool that integrates plant control systems with enterprise databases. This includes data-logging in a single direction or bi-directional communication where rules and schedules may be accessed from databases and moved to an HMI or control system on the plant floor.

  • Automate critical parameters: Enforce recipes, machine usage, process information, and track product and material status to ensure quality standards are maintained
  • Wizard-based configuration: Collect large amounts of data quickly using a step-by-step checklist that makes it easy to define settings, data points, objects and transactions
  • Data integrity: Cache data before being written to the  enterprise system to provide fault tolerance in the event of a lost connection. The system will continually try to re-establish connection until successful.
  • Flexible database integration: Connect to native drivers for Microsoft® SQL and Oracle® databases. FactoryTalk® Transaction Manager also supports connection to ODBC-compliant databases or COM+ applications.

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