The latest addition to the RT SmartFactory suite of performance monitoring solutions: Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise.

SLX_web_logo_2010s_1_(1)-resized-600Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise (PNE) is an innovative performance monitoring solution that automatically collects manufacturing production data and presents it in easy-to-use reports and visualizations.

PNE is the only integrated technology solution for manufacturers and with it, facility operators can use real-time software metrics to analyze data from embedded sensors on manufacturing equipment.

Plantnode Enterprise capitalizes on three key value propositions:

  • Machine truth
  • Visualize success
  • Employee engagement

Machine truth gives facility operators the ability to monitor the pulse of the factory floor. Shoplogix PNE software can connect to any machine to record production data using sensors that catch details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Automatic machine data recording ensures that data is accurate by eliminating the possibility for human error.

With production data visualizations and comprehensive reports available on any computer, smart phone, or tablet, facility operators can visualize the success of their facility, quickly and easily finding opportunities to improve productivity and reduce inefficiencies.

Real-time feedback on flat screens throughout the factory floor engages employees in the drive to meeting or exceeding key production metrics. Data visualizations of production metrics for all connected machines show machine operators whether targets are being achieved, including planned vs. actual parts produced, daily shift performance, and production machinery diagnostics. With Plantnode, you can motivate employees to stay on target and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Today's Leading Companies Use Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise

  • Coca-Cola has used the integrated technology solution to achieve a 12% increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), a 7% reduction in break creep, and a 4% reduction in setup time.
  • Fiat Group Automobiles utilized PNE to achieve a 5% improvement in OEE, a 10% reduction in response time, and a 7% reduction in bottlenecks.
  • Ford achieved a 3% improvement in OEE and enhanced response time by 20%.
  • Mary Kay Inc. reduced downtime by 8% and increased productivity by 10%.

If you have any questions about Shoplogix Plantnode Enterprise, please contact RT Engineering Corporation today. 


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