"On occasion our plant requires custom engineered solutions or equipment updates and we don’t have the extra resources to make that happen. We constantly need to upgrade or fix parts and don’t want to have 20 vendors to do that. RT is capable to source what I need to keep the lines running." - Dan Young, Industrial Controls Engineer, Haartz
"Some of the machine issues we have go beyond the skill level of this particular plant. It’s great to have RT on call to provide the electrical and programming expertise we need to get our machines back up and running - or running better than they were before." - John Duncan, Web Industries
"I have done over 50 projects with RT in past years. They always provide good engineering services whether for new systems they built for us or OEM equipment that has required service or upgrade. RT always meets or exceeds our timelines when in their control, but as variables come up, RT does a good job working with us to accommodate these changes, even moving resources and materials to make sure we meet our obligations.

They have proven to be more than just a vendor to me, but a partner willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Given the aggressive timelines and performance demands our projects require, RT does a great job making sure my needs are understood and defined to ensure projects go as smooth as possible." - Brian Bedard, Engineering Manager, Novolex 
"RT provides the expertise, logistical support and flexibility that allows us to manufacture with larger and more complex systems than we could produce in-house." - Ed King, Sharon Vacuum Company
"RT is more than just a source, they are a resource. Not only do I count on them to supply me with the best components, they also provide me with solutions if I need guidance on how to approach a control issue."
"RT provides me with exceptional customer service and assistance that I can count on when working on critical projects."
"RT goes beyond a mere component supplier; I feel like I always have a resource that I can count on."