item Industrial Workbench Systems

workbench-systemsGetting the right elements in the right place is essential to productivity and fatigue-free work environments. item industrial workbench systems provide the flexibility you need to streamline workflows while maintaining lean and ergonomic strategies. 

item workbench systems allow for process development that keeps the right people and right parts in the right place in order to keep things moving as smoothly and consistently as possible. By creating these cost-efficient spaces, manufacturers can continue to add value to their processes and reduce overall operating costs.

The workbench systems are also created with a range of fastening systems for tools and PC’s, ESD accessories and wiring to supply your work station with information, power and electronic data.

Lean, Integrated Workflow Solutions

Equally as important is the workbench system’s ergonomic design that is intended to keep employees healthy, productive and relaxed.

The system is easily integrated into the MB Building Kit System and allows for safe and efficient operation of assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems. By ensuring the health and wellbeing of your staff, while also focusing on operating proficiency, these systems contribute to overall efficiency.

item Workbench Systems - Key Benefits

  • User Adjustable:  Workbench systems are infinitely height adjustable and can be adapted to suit the user – a key requirement in ergonomic work bench design. The system is also the first product of its kind that satisfies the stringent medical certification criteria put forth by the Campaign for Healthy Backs
  • Integration Options:  Workbench elements are fully compatible with the MB Building Kit System that item has been providing for over 30 years.
  • Future Flexibility:  Solutions can be repeatedly extended, integrated into other solutions and re-used. As an investment, their cost-effectiveness is second to none.
  • Abundant Accessories:  Workbench systems can also be enhanced with useful accessories for interlinking other stations and material provision. Tools, power points, compressed air and data lines can all be easily incorporated and made readily accessible to users.
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