Contract Manufacturing


Custom Manufacturing Automation Solutions with the Ability to Differentiate Your Company

Are you seeking a custom-engineered automation solution but lack the resources to get it done on spec and on time? RT Engineering specializes in the design and build of high-throughput assembly systems for a wide array of industries. Using synchronous, asynchronous pallet, and linear transfer systems, RT engineers machines to meet precise motions and repeatable assembly that can be reconfigured to meet changing production demands.

RT automation engineering features Cartesian and SCARA robots and servo driven manipulators with optional end-of-line inspection testing or labeling.

How RT Engineering Partners with You

To start a project, RT will form a task force consisting of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, an operations coordinator and project leader. Collaborating with your team, engineers will design equipment according to your throughput and quality requirements.

All designs are modeled in 3D software using SolidWorks to ensure the precision of your specifications. In addition, RT offers development and programming of control systems to accompany mechanical systems.

Example of contract manufacturing project at RT Engineering

Example of contract manufacturing project at RT Engineering


Key Advantages of Custom Automation Equipment:

  • Improve Efficiency: Streamline Trouble areas that drain resources

  • On-Demand Machine Shop: React quickly to demand by leveraging RT’s whole building, machine shop capabilities

  • Maintain a Competitive Edge: Build that one of-a-kind differentiation regardless of resource constraints

  • Addresses Regulations Quickly: Comply rapidly with changing production regulations.

Testing Automation

RT can design and build a unique electrical, environmental or physical testing system tailored to your production standards.

  • Applications:

    • Electrical Connectors

    • Cable Assemblies

    • Filter Integrity

    • Package Integrity

    • Laser Detection

    • 2D and 3D Machine Vision

    • Assembly Testing

  • Technologies

    • Hi Pot Testers

    • Pressure Leak Testers

    • LVDT’s

    • Single Point Fiber Optic Sensing

Custom Assembly Automation

If you have a unique automation challenge to engineer, RT is your trusted provider. Here are some applications and technologies RT has particular experience in.

  • Applications

    • Medical Inhalers

    • Automotive Switches

    • Paper Goods and Bindery

    • Electronics and Connectors

    • Diagnostic Tests

    • Filter Cartridges

  • Technologies

    • Rotary and Linear Indexers

    • Ultrasonic Welders

    • Machine Vision for Inspection and Verification

    • Stakers and Orbital Riveters

    • Thermo-Electric Sealers

    • Hot Melt Glue Applicators

    • Ink Jet and Roll Printers

    • Laser Welders

    • Engravers

    • 2D and 3D Machine Vision

    • LVDT’s


Inspection Automation

  • Applications

    • Fiber optics gauging

    • Electronics

    • Consumer goods defect detection

    • Medical device assembly verification

    • Food processing monitoring

    • Character and label verification

  • Technologies Applied

    • 2D and 3D machine vision

    • Laser micrometers

    • LVDT’s

    • Weigh Scales

    • Intellution and RS View SCADA’s

    • Barcode readers

    • Mass Flow meters

Wire & Web Industrial Automation

RT designs, builds, and integrates solutions for wire and web equipment applications including:

  • Take-ups (with Traverse Guides)

  • Pay-offs (Non-Driven & Driven)

  • Capstans (Linear Belts & Drum)

  • Roll Stands

  • Accumulators and Festoons (Vertical & Horizontal)

  • Extruders

  • Dancer Assemblies

  • Length Measuring Assemblies (Traction Wheel & Belt Type)

  • Straighteners & Caster

Material Handling Automation

RT offers a wealth of mechanical engineering experience for a myriad of applications and technologies related to material handling.

  • Applications

    • Intricate part orientation and loading

    • Part presentation and ancillary equipment

    • Carton loading handling

    • Palletizing Robots

  • Technologies

    • Rotary Indexers

    • Linear Indexers

    • Pallet/ Tray Conveyor Feeders

    • Pneumatic pick and place

    • Servo pick and place

    • SCARA & Cartesian robots

    • Vibratory Feeders

    • Part Transfer Shuttles

    • Conveyors (indexing, flat belt, flighted, roller, o-ring, chain attachment)