Benefits of Custom Automation

RT Engineering Automation 2019

RT Engineering Automation 2019


Custom Automation

In its many forms can help to modernize production by utilizing devices and equipment that require minimal human interaction; it is an ideal method for companies that recurrently utilize repeatable operations and group technologies.

Some other benefits include but are not limited to:


RT Engineering will assist reduce your costs

RT Engineering will assist reduce your costs

Reduction of your overall costs

Automation keeps your costs down by decreasing the necessity for direct labor. Relying on machines for production eliminates having to employ an excessive amount of workers. Batch manufacturing required several people (with similar competency levels) working on a single piece until completion; this presents numerous opportunities for mistakes to occur. Automation also reduces material handling, which promotes safer working environments—this cuts down on injuries and related healthcare costs. Automation enables companies to take on several projects at once, to generate more revenue. 


Improve the quality of your products.

Added attention is given to inspection and functional testing of products, resulting in higher quality parts and components. Unlike batch production, automation allows for in-process testing of parts; if a substandard part is discovered, the problem can be attended to before the next operation occurs and before more scrap is created. This type of inspection also allows engineers to fine-tune parameters of the constructed parts, and retain that information for later use. Superior quality products can be created with minimal energy exertion.

RT Engineering’s customers achieve as much as a 75% increase in efficiency

RT Engineering’s customers achieve as much as a 75% increase in efficiency

Provide higher throughput and efficiency

Instead of focusing on one aspect of production, automated machines can multitask adeptly. Many processes can be completed at once, thus lowering the amount of time needed to produce thousands of parts or components. Since automated manufacturing processes are completed in less time, the productivity of your efforts will dramatically increase—in many instances, companies achieve as much as a 75% increase in efficiency. Additionally, the efficiency provided by automation enables companies to produce items as needed by consumer demand.

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Improve your response time

Along with improved efficiency, automation also provides companies with much faster response time—the period between receiving an order and shipment of the product. Traditional manufacturing methods took more time to complete due to numerous manual operations involved. Products were worked on by employees, and then left in a sort of production limbo, awaiting further development—this problem is eliminated by automated machines. Through automation, companies can handle more orders quickly, without having to rely on the competency of individual workers.


Automation is highly versatile and customizable

Many industries turn to automation for improving their various manufacturing processes. Automation is used for high-volume production that incorporates the use of several materials and capabilities. Automation can adapt to the production requirements of industries that include automotive, aviation, construction, waste management, agriculture, packaging, food and beverage, and many others. In addition to serving many industrial professionals, automated solutions can be customized to fit any precision application.


Choose RT Engineering for your automation needs. 

Modernizing your production methods will provide the edge needed to satisfy varying consumer demand.

When your company is ready to reach higher levels of quality and efficiency, turn to the professionals of RT Engineering.

RT Engineering is the country’s foremost provider of custom automation, industrial control, and facility modernization products.

Our team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers will determine the most ideal automation solutions for your company’s needs.

Our offerings can be utilized in several applications:

  • Inspection:

    • Detection in consumer goods; fiber optics gauging; verification of medical device assemblies, characters, and labels; food process monitoring

  • Testing:

    • Package and filter integrity; electrical connectors; cable assemblies; laser detection

  • Wire & Web:

    • Take-ups; extruders; roll stands; accumulators and festoons; dancer assemblies; capstans; straighteners and casters

  • Custom Assembly:

    • Medical inhalers; filter cartridges; paper goods and bindings; automotive switches; electronics and connectors

  • Material Handling:

    • Intricate part loading and orientation; palletizing robots; carton loading

With over 45+ years of industrial experience, we understand the modern challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers. At RT Engineering, we have the capabilities to design, create, test, and install a wide array of innovative and economical automated machines. Additionally, our representatives are available 24 hours a day—via phone or in the field—to support your project from start to finish. Increase your company’s productivity and bottom line by contacting RT Engineering today.