Why RT


RT Engineering was founded with a specific goal in mind:

To help local manufacturers create competitive products through the use of technological, informative, and automated solutions. After 45+ years of supporting diverse customers, our goal hasn’t changed at all, but the world has changed significantly.

Advances in technology have forever altered the face of manufacturing, and our customers must now contend with a global workforce. We endeavor to make U.S. manufacturers the envy of the entire world, as they once were—we intend to fulfill this objective by closely working with our valued customers.

RT is a one-stop, end-to-end manufacturing engineering provider that is always available to help—your virtual maintenance and custom project department is just a quick phone call away. Process-oriented manufacturers count on RT to help keep up a steady pace as production demands fluctuate and labor resources diminish.

Our Capabilities

In addition to our 25,000 square foot facility and fully-equipped machine shop, our staff is comprised of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to support your motion control projects from start to finish.

Our engineers are well-versed with custom projects; these skilled team members will collaborate with you to understand your production theory, and design a solution that meets your unique specifications and time constraints. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your current issues and anticipates your future needs.

Pending your design approval, the RT team will build, test, and start-up your project, ensuring all demands are successfully achieved.

Maximum Support

RT provides 24-hour field and phone support to back any installed machine, and to repair or replace legacy systems related to continuous process lines. Additionally, RT is an approved distributor of the products it uses, giving you the most trusted source for obtaining high-quality products from leading brands.

Depth of Solutions

RT is best known for industrial control systems, automation systems, and system integration. We also offer: data acquisition and reporting software, manufacturing intelligence software, extruded aluminum profiles, workbench systems, and products such as motors and drives.

This is why RT is truly your one-stop partner; to help you maximize productivity and respond quickly to market demands. By choosing RT Engineering, we can cultivate a collaboration that can help reestablish the definition of American workmanship.