Control Solutions


Need a control systems integrator to keep pace & gain a competitive edge? Look no further.

Are you tasked with maintaining optimum operations and output levels yet lack the expertise or labor force to take on new process control projects rising from changing production requirements?

At RT Engineering Corporation, we understand process manufacturing and can address even the most challenging custom control system design requirements. Our staff is comprised of individuals equipped with vast electrical engineering and programming expertise, who also possess the knowledge of solutions and components that is necessary to address our customers' unique and distinct needs.

Benefit from Working with a One-Stop Provider & Trusted Partner

With RT Engineering, application and design engineers partner with you and your team to review the details of your particular application, theory of operation, control requirements, and overall scope of project.

Once the initial scope is determined, RT will formulate a detailed system description and generate a proposal for your approval. RT’s design and programming engineers will then generate schematics and program the specified drives, PLC’s, HMI’s or industrial PC’s.

Finally, our test engineers will perform point-to-point verification and a final test with power to confirm that proper connections are made and all control systems are functioning according to specifications.

Once the new system is installed onsite, experienced RT field engineers will work with your production staff to ensure a smooth, safe and effective start-up. The production line will be monitored while running and final calibrations made if necessary.


Industrial Controls by RT Engineering

Key Advantages

Skilled Labor On-Demand – Extend your labor capabilities to react quickly to production changes. 
Maintain a Competitive Edge – Focus on keeping lines running while RT works for you.
Maximize Performance – Increase productivity, quality, and safety by leveraging RT’s systems expertise. Comply with Regulations – Let RT speed your path to meeting regulatory changes.


Experienced Engineers – Software, mechanical, electrical, and design engineering expertise.
Broad Capabilities – People and resources to design, program, build, test, start-up, and troubleshoot.

Leading Brands – Approved distributor for drives, PLC’s, servos, interfaces, and other controls. 
Highest Standards – Quality manufacturing and testing standards, including UL 508A capabilities. 
Field Support – 24/7 support and service by factory-trained engineers.

Applications | Web Handling

Winders/Unwinders (Center Driven, Surface Driven, Slip Core, Dual Turret) Film Processing, Blown Film, Laminating, Extrusion, Sheeting, Paper Converting (Coating, Printing, Slitting, Embossing) Textile Processing (Dying, Finishing, Cross Lapping) Metals (Coating, Annealing, Foiling, Pickling, Rolling)

Applications | Wire & Cable

Take Ups/Pay Offs Traversing Drawing Twining/Stranding Insulating/Jacketing (Tape Heads, Flyers) and caterpullers.

Other Specialties

Material Handling, Positioning Packaging, Palletizing, Linear Motion Control, Rotary Motion Control, and HVAC (Fan & Pump Control, Damper Control, By Pass, Soft Starts)